Investments Picked by Humans, Managed by Machines

AutomatedInvestment Management

Xantos Labs is a low-fee advisor for everyone. As an emerging manager, our goal is to invest in fundamentally sound publicly traded companies in a concentrated long-only equities portfolio. 

We rely on a combination of fundamental analysis as well as quantitative approach for portfolio construction and management to help us deliver long-term, repeatable results.

We serve in a fiduciary role to our clients; and as an independent firm, we are driven to provide objective investment advice in the best interests of our clients. 


Here’s how our returns compared to other investment vehicles by industry average.  

*Investment outcomes below are real and based on actual account(s). Results are from 01/01/2016 to 3/31/2021. In full disclosure of effects of material market and economic conditions on returns, S&P 500 Index returns are included. All performance results are net of fees, dividends/reinvestments, and other adjustments. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investing carries substantial, risk including loss of principal.

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Xantos Labs

Picked by Humans

Grow your money alongside people collaborating to create things that matter. 

We hand-pick companies based on bottom-up fundamental analysis backed by rigorous research and driven by performance, ethics, and long-term vision.


Invest in morally sound, innovative companies built to last.

Leave the hard work to us. We use a quantitative investment management approach backed by years of data to provide excellent returns. Our team invests their own money right alongside you, so you know we work hard to make sure you see growth.


Our user-friendly service leaves you in control of your money.

Flat annual fees. No lockup period. You can easily log in and see how your investment is doing or pull money out when you need it most.

Allocated by Machines

It’s all about the numbers. After selecting best candidates using fundamental analysis, we rely on our systematic investing framework to the construct a high conviction concentrated portfolio with strong emphasis on minimizing down-side risk. Additionally, all our trades are computer-driven. We believe this approach reduces human error and biases. We tested and tweaked our methodology for years before we landed on one that has historically produced outsized returns.

Like an automated financial advisor focused solely on growing your money, our technology constantly evaluates and re-evaluates your allocations to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

Managed for Optimum Growth

Every day, we’re building toward the future. We continuously monitor and optimize with automatic rebalancing of our portfolio to stay ahead.

We’re constantly evaluating new investments, re-evaluating current investments, and updating our models.

Feel Good About Investing

Invest in morally sound, innovative companies built to last.

Harm doesn’t pay. We find companies that collaborate to create things that matter, so you can feel good about where your money is being put to work. We’re not chasing trends like “conscious investing”, but simply following a do-no-harm rule that is more profitable in the long run.

The credentials at Xantos Labs are solid.


Our model only works if there’s a foundation of trust between the client and our team— you’re not going to hand over your money to just anyone.

Our partners hold advanced degrees in engineering, economics, finance, and math. Our partners and advisors have years of experience.

People come first, always.


Your advisor is a quick call or message away. We keep you updated on changes in your investments so you can sit back, relax, and trust in your plan for the future.

Growth for Everyone

OurInvestment Philosophy

Fundamental Investing

We rely on sound economic theory backed by empirical research to help us deliver long-term, repeatable results. Our focus is on Long-only public equities, i.e. companies with sound long-term growth potential.

Portfolio Optimization

Our asset allocation models incorporate down-side risk. We continuously monitor and adapt to market conditions to ensure optimal risk-return trade-off.

Systematic Approach

A disciplined, quantitative methodology drives everything we do. Our investment strategies was back-tested under different economic conditions and then tested under real market conditions for years by putting our own funds on the line. We continuously design, refine, test, repeat.

Concentrated Portfolio

We invest primarily in common stocks of U.S. companies that have solid growth prospects over a five to eight-year period. The firm may invest in common stocks domiciled outside the United States to diversify portfolios and further mitigate risk.

Here to HelpReach Your Goals

No matter your financial situation or your goals, our investment management service will help you on your journey.

Saving for a Home

Put your money towards what matters. Our long-term investment philosophy is geared toward helping achieve medium and long-term financial goals, like owning a home.

Earning for Future Investments

Our mission isn’t just to better invest money, it is to support a better financial security for loved ones.

Saving for Retirement

Help secure a brighter future. Our historically high-yield fund is a great addition to your retirement savings strategy.

Earning More on Savings

Don’t just put your money aside to lose value with low interest that doesn’t keep pace with inflation. Our service was made to balance risk and reward for a better way to put aside money.

We put the power of our systematic approach to investing and its historically outsized returns to create a brighter financial future for our clients

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